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by Eurydice

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MP3 YouTube Converter is the original and the best mp3 to mp4 converter. It is not only MP3 to mp4 converter, it is a complete software to convert any audio format to mp3 as well as converting video to mp3 in various formats. This will allow you to do anything from convert any audio audio to mp3, mp3 to ogg etc to convert all videos to mp3 using ffmpeg and ogg vorbis, convert the video.

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It supports many third-party applications, and It also has many other features such as conversion of spoken audio, autoconverted audio, advanced audio to mp3 converter, amazing features for converting zip, 7z, rar, 7z compressed data and many more. The program requires only Windows XP or later. It is a free and clear-cut program with its intuitive interface. Easy to use.